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The products we have been selling all over the world for years have left us hundreds of happy customers.

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Isn't it the first condition to produce quality products making hundreds of customers happy?

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Our products does not undermine your economy and exhaust your budget. It is sold at the price it should have been.

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Do not worry that the product you purchased is old, our spare parts production continues and will continue.

Metfa Group

Metfa Group, which started its activities with agricultural machinery in 1978; With the steps taken and investments made in the last 5 years, it has made a name for itself in the spare parts and food equipment industries by expanding its field of work.

Our company currently continues as a group of companies operating in agriculture, food and spare parts sectors.

Working 24/7 with a focus on customer satisfaction, our company produces equipment tested by universities. We add value to our country by distributing our products not only to the domestic market but also throughout the world.

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